• Spring Bulb and Bird Planter Spring Bulb and Bird Planter
    Beautiful Spring bulbs with narcissi tete a tete, hyacinths. ivy plants, pussy willow and 3 ornamental birds  arranged in this large basket 30 cm diameter with twigs attached . All the bulbs and ivy can be planted in the garden when the bulbs have gone over, and ornament's can be used on a shelf or dresser. Available from the beginning of  December 2021
  • Oakdene Orchid Planter Oakdene Orchid Planter

    Oakdene Orchid Planter

    The elegant soft flowering orchid speaks its own message of simplicity and elegance. Presented in simple square whitewash basket planter. Available in three sizes Standard Orchid planter in a  white wash planter   £18.00 Medium Orchid planter in a white wash planter  £42.00 Luxury Orchid planter in a white wash planter £85.00 ( as image )
  • Cyclamen plant Indoor Cyclamen
    It is possible to grow cyclamen indoors successfully, with a little care. Plenty of natural light but not direct sunlight preferably an East or North room free from draughts. Water once a week not too much and never leave the plant sitting in water. Dead head to allow buds to come through and remove any discoloured leaves . Choose a room for the cyclamen that is 60/65 degrees during the day and slightly cooler at night.  An unheated interior room or enclosed porch works well. Comes presented in a modern olive green ceramic pot. See Anne Cotterill cards ' musk mallows and harvest time -flowers' available as a birthday card and blank card , if you require an extra special card for your message.
  • Phelebodium Aureum 'blue star'
    Phelebodium Aureum 'blue star' Phlebodium aureum, commonly known as blue star fern, is a beautiful looking blue grey coloured fern with elongated fronds , for any flower arranger these leaves can be cut and used in oasis or water.  Its ability to tolerate lower-light conditions and relatively easy care make it a great choice for beginning and more experienced fern lovers alike. Keep in a bright place and not full sunlight , likes to be kept damp but not water logged . Comes presented in a complementary matching modern teal coloured ceramic pot.