Oakdene Orchid Planter


The elegant soft flowering orchid speaks its own message of simplicity and elegance. Presented in simple square whitewash basket planter.

Available in three sizes

Standard Orchid planter in a  white wash planter   £22.00
Medium Orchid planter in a white wash planter  £46.00
Luxury Orchid planter in a white wash planter £89.00 ( as image )


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This elegant plant makes a gorgeous addition to any home or office. Due to their long-lasting nature Phalaenopsis Orchids are a very popular present.

1. Don’t water it too much

A good way to tell when it’s time to water your orchid is by sticking your finger into the pot. If it feels wet, don’t water. You can also try lifting the pot to feel how heavy it is. When the pot is dry it will feel very light, and it might be time to give your orchid a drink.

2. Keep the crown dry

It’s not just the roots that can rot, the orchid’s crown – the centre, where new leaves emerge – also doesn’t like to get wet. If water is trapped in the crown, it can lead to rot.

3. Keep warm, but out of direct sunlight

Phalaenopsis Orchids are indoor plants – they love warm temperatures, between 24°C and 29°C. If you like to keep your house warm, you’ll make an excellent orchid owner!

However, orchids are just like people, we may love the heat, but sunburn isn’t healthy! Keep your plant out of direct sunlight to avoid the burn.

4. Humidity is key

While they don’t like to be watered too much, a humid atmosphere is perfect, as it keeps them hydrated without being wet.

Position your Phalaenopsis away from air conditioning.

To give the plant the humidity it needs, stand the pot on a tray of pebbles and fill the tray with water. The pebbles will prevent the roots from sitting in the water, but will provide a humid zone where the plant needs it most. You can also try misting the pot on very hot, dry days. Your plants come in the baskets standing on pebbles.

5. Feed well

To really keep your orchid happy. Use a high-potassium liquid orchid food to encourage flowering. Apply the dilute fertiliser every two weeks or according to instructions on the container. When conditions are cold, you won’t need to feed her as often.

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